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 BiHand Dildo Studio, Hand Made Dildos and Plugs Made in Cornwall


BIhand Dildo Studio, Cornwall UK, Our art will give you more pleasure than you could ever imagine

The Small villages of Cornwall in the UK have long been known for artists and art lovers. nearly every town and village has some form of gallery displaying the creative creations of local artists.

Well this is one area our creations have never seen light of day.

Since 1997 we have worked on and off with resins, rubbers, silicone’s, woods and metals producing some amazing creations that have reached nearly every corner of the world

But our Hand Made Dildos and Plugs up until now have only been available by word of mouth, we have kept our works limited by only doing commissions for private clients.

In Producing Dildos and Butt Plugs  to clients specifications in our small Cornish workshop,  we have gained a good following, to the point of our SILVER BAND pieces, so we are been told are quiet collectible in certain circles.


Silver Band


A silver bandThe very first of our hand made DIldos from each new design has a very thin silver line in the colour at the base to show it is a first one produced.

If one of our designs has 2 silver lines then you have a one of a kind. and the mold was broken after the creation.

We also have another method to check authenticity of our works if validation is needed.


Everyone has a little secret and ours is,  WE MAKE SEX TOYS.

We have been having great fun doing what we do behind closed doors with anonymity, as after all we are just an ordinary middle aged couple from a small Cornish Village.

If you passed in a supermarket you would never suspect we have even seen a sex toy let alone design and make them.

So this coming summer we have decided to create small retail line of Dildos and Butt Plugs.

These will all be made from very high grade body safe silicone, in both in single and dual density’s.

And you never know, maybe we will throw in a few surprises’

So watch this space.

With the new range we are going back to basics, being very practical and pleasing on the eye.

It’s no good looking like the Ferrari, if it preforms like a shopping trolley with a wonky wheel.

We want to give you something you will enjoy either alone or with a partner.
The new retail line has been designed and crafted by us to including: Dildos, Peggers, G-spotters and Butt Plugs.


Also we have a range coming  called our “MAN MADE” range.

Now this is an interesting and fun range, as every product in the range will be a live cast from guys from Devon and Cornwall.

So If you think your Husband or Boyfriend has the right tool for the JOB, then get in touch


As things progress we will post more details.

also we will be doing a few fun competitions and promotions.


BIhand Dildo Sudio

For our Private Clients.

We will still be offering our Custom Services.



Private Castings

Design and Production

Pattern Making   Resin, rubber, plastics, GRP, and Plasters and concrete

( We no longer have the foundry, for metal production )

Extreme and Fetish creations ( you know we love you bunch of freaks )


Thanks for visiting

Bihand Studios Cornwall